Zuzana Janovičová

Zuzana Janovičová

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The Smart Woman’s Guide To Investing Success – Making Sense Of Cents. Women face different obstacles than men do when it comes to investing in the stock market. Right off the bat, they tend to have less in savings because women often take time off to raise children. With years of not earning a salary, there is no money being saved and compounded upon.

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When it comes to budgeting we all have to start somewhere. Maybe you've never had budget before or you've strayed away from your budget and have found yourself in overwhelming debt. This is where the 50/20/30 Rule comes in.

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7 Steps You Can Take to Retire a Millionaire: Not everyone can become a millionaire overnight, but everyone can save up enough money to retire – if you are diligent and disciplined in your savings plan. Saving for retirement can be hard, especially if you work a low-wage job, but it can be done.


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