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Robert Downey jr.

Stark in disguise.the hat. (ya gotta love that he revels in his alter egos. Is this his version of cosplay? Ironman going out as Tony Stark going out as RDJ?)---> why has no one discussed the man in the eggs behind RDJ?

"Iron Man: With My Own Jarvis" by Athew  (In comics canon, Jarvis was Tony's beloved butler and caretaker while he was growing up.  When Jarvis died, Tony created JARVIS and programmed in Jarvis's personality and voice...)

"Iron Man-With my own Jarvis by ~Athew on deviantART (heart=broken!)" This is beautiful! Everytime I see Ironman, I, as an intellectual exercise mind you, plot to kidnap Paul Bettany and wall him, just to hear Jarvis.<=== oh my god you're my hero