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Kontakt:  Unser neuster Streich :o) Eine schlichte Garderobe mit Ablagefläche für Geldbeutel, Briefe, Schlüssel, Deko etc. Platz zum Aufhängen Eurer Kleidung habt Ihr an 5...

Shoe shelf using lumber planks and posts. I would make shelves taller by placing cut posts vertical instead of horizontal.

Fine ‘tune’ drill bit angle using a CD

Grab a compact disc (scratched ones that won’t play work just fine for this) and center it on the hole mark. As you drill the hole, watch the reflection in the CD—keep the bit in a straight line with its reflection for a perpendicular hole every time.


Hey allSince i moved from my parents house to a house of my own , i wanted to create myself a convenient area to work on my projects. So , i got my self a spare room.

Picture of $10 Smartphone to digital microscope conversion!

Cell phone to microscope conversion TUTORIAL. I love the idea that scientists are looking more into the advantage of a cell phone in lab settings. This is an old instructable and I remembered always wanting to do it.