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Survival skill

Determine remaining daylight on your hand. Use this simple trick to measure the remaining daylight without a watch. Count the finger widths between the sun and the horizon. Each finger is equivalent to 15 minutes, with each hand totaling an hour.

The Ultimate Guide To Deep Bodyweight Squats - via @CureJoy

If you find it difficult or painful to do deep squats, here is a complete guide to deep bodyweight squats.

Burn 210 Calories in 15 Minutes with this amazing Fat Burning Workout!! Click here to read more=>

Squat Jump - burn 210 calories in 15 if only I could squat jump for 15 minutes straight without wanting to die.

Step-by-step guide to learn proper squat technique. Protect your knees and back!

Learn how to squat without causing knee and back pain. I have trained thousands of athletes how to squat properly and some of those basic techniques are going to be outlined in this article.

Are you looking to perfect your Forward Bending yoga pose, follow this visual guide to make sure that you are doing this yoga pose just right. Tags: yoga, infographic, Bikram yoga, forward bending, yoga pose, yoga poses, asana, asanas

Looking to perfect your backward bending yoga pose? Take a look at this backward bending guide that visually explains what to do and what not to do.