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25 Cool and Fun Loft Beds for Kids

Loft beds are excellent space saving ideas for small rooms. Nothing better than a loft bed makes a small bedroom more spacious, functional and comfortable. Loft beds create extra s

25 Cool and Fun Loft Beds for Kids

Loft beds are something special. They are very functional and fun. Loft beds are perfect for small bedrooms because they open a space for playing or studyi

25 Cool and Fun Loft Beds for Kids

Idea for Family room in basement.This is AMAZING! What a smart idea for a growing child's room to truly give them a place of their own without the bed necessarily being the on-the-floor focus!-Opens up the room for a lot more space!

Bed in a Drawer

love the whole layout and design. and the bed slides in like a drawer for more floor space. Would love to have this in a kid's or guest room. Especially great if you have kids sharing a room.


Thinking of doing this (curtains) for the girls' beds. Jayna will have the loft bed, Joycie's will be underneath, like bunk beds. Really liking the thought of each having their own set of curtains to draw when they want privacy!


HILDIS Fabric - IKEA Just a note-to-self to remember Ikea fabrics and products for favors and decor.