Mandala Flower - some day...yes, some day, I too shall !

For the Mandala flower, here is a step-by-step photo gallery. To do this you start at step 1 with 7 strings attached and 6 with Einhängeschlingen on 7 folded thread. Other threads are then inserted by most of us with an ordinary shoelace knot.

Macrame bracelet tutorials

i used to love doing macrame. Macrame bracelets - Ad for maybe tutorials. Does not click thru yet - If the tutes are as nice as the pictures.

X Factor.jpg

Cool bracelet with X-factor theme.You can use any theme.Its really have a lot ideas in the world.A lot!

scacciasogni 2

Pouch Tutorial Part II (Bottom) by ~nimuae on deviantART (second part to a pin I pinned a long time ago!

Macrame fish necklace

Macrame fish necklace - what if you made a bunch of these and tied them to a stick and made a cat toy?

Pouch Tutorial Part I (Bottom) by ~nimuae

Macrame Pouch Tutorial - Part I: Start with Mandala Flower as bottom of pouch.

More ideas