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AV Graft Surgery in Spring Hill, Florida - (352) 505-1737 - An arteriovenous graft for dialysis is created when your vascular surgeon connects one of your arteries to one of your veins using a man-made tube, made of plastic or other synthetic material instead of using your own tissue. The graft will be used as access point during future dialysis. http://www.veinandvascularofspringhill.com/service/av-fistula-surgery/

AV Fistula Surgery for dialysis surgery by expert vascular surgeons at our Tampa vascular clinic makes dialysis treatment easier.

Experiment: Monitor Your Heart Rate with the SpikerShield Electrocardiogram (EKG)

Cardiovascular effects. Atrial and ventricular systole and diastole associated with electrocardiographic waves.

I'm pretending to be studying for my renal exam tomorrow by pinning things about the renal system

Renal colic is the technical term used to describe the pain you experience when you have kidney stones. By the way, it's also the most intense pain known to man.