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the history of russian farm animals and how they are used to make them more interesting
library.SCOTCH: Animal Farm: Politics and Revolution
Politics and Revolution - Animal Farm - library.SCOTCH at Scotch College
a white dog wearing sunglasses with the caption take it easy f k your job money is fake society isn't natural and the sun is going to explode
black and white photograph of a man talking on his cell phone while standing in the street
Gianna Scuderi Vitiello & Matteo Vitiello
—-➤ Bound By Hatred By Cora Reilly
an iphone screen with the text'amazing books under 120 pages'in yellow and black
an image of a man with glasses on his head and the words, i'm everything you cant control
a quote from mark anthony that says, my favorite humans are the ones who let me be as crazy as i am
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