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the ultimate guide to cheap and easy diy pallet ideas for home decorating
150 Cheap and Easy Pallet Wood Projects
150 Cheap and Easy Pallet Projects
someone is using a paint roller to stencil the design on a piece of paper
How to Stencil a Wall & a Giveaway!
since we have walls with so many windows and cant hang lots of art, maybe we can do a pattern on a wall?
the wall is being painted with blue tape
Crazy Wonderful
grey wall with valspar metalic glaze as the stencil paint!
three vases with flowers in them are sitting on a table next to each other
Vaas versieren
an image of the back side of a surfboard that is being used as a table
DIY FURRY STOOLS - The Kitchy Kitchen Loving these chic furry stills for under $30.
a white bookcase sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a window
Shabby Chic Bookcases - Foter
Simply replace backs of a bookcase with beadboard, add legs and paint! What a transformation! ♥
an old dresser turned into a table with lace on the top and bottom, before and after it was painted
An Old Dresser Got a Stunning Lace Makeover
How to give an old dresser an amazing lace makeover/DIY furniture ideas/dresser makeovers
an outdoor living room with wicker furniture
Lifestyle | Ideas | OKA
inside outside - create a living area in secluded walled patio garden complete with mirror and planting