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Zuzana Macáková
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clark and lexa 100 | The 100 (TV Show) images Clarke and Lexa wallpaper and background ...

Wallpaper and background photos of Clarke and Lexa for fans of The 100 (TV Show) images.

Eingebettetes Bild

and then fucking pike fucking messed everything up and bellamy fucking LET HIM


The 100 Season 4 Finale Photos

bellarke fan art - Google Search

"This is one couple that you don't want to piss off." (Steal their friends and they'll infiltrate your headquarters, come after your people, launch a full-scale Grounder/Sky People invasion, and generally won't stop until their friends are safe.

Ricky Whittle and Bob Morley

rickywhittle: Marie said act natural I wanna take a candid pic of you two // The 100 cast // Bob Morley and Ricky Whittle // Bellamy Blake and Lincoln