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black and white lotus flower icon set on white background stock photo, images and royalty
logo de fleur de lotus : image vectorielle de stock (libre de droits) 352165667 | Shutterstock
lotus flower logo
the back of a woman's stomach with a tattoo of a lotus flower on it
Lotus Flower AO 08 | Tattoo Stencil – Temporary Tattoo stencil tattoo
the cross and other symbols are drawn in black ink
semicolon tattoo
Image result for semicolon tattoo
a woman's neck with a small tattoo on the back of her left shoulder
40+ Small Tattoo Ideas That Are Simple and Cool
One With Nature Stylish Small Tattoo Ideas and Inspiration
a small pine tree tattoo on the ankle
small tree tattoos - Google Search
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a close up of a woman wearing a black shirt and holding her hand on her chest
50 Small Tattoos With Big Meanings
The triangle can represent many things. Pointing up it symbolizes femininity, and pointing down, masculinity. And they perfect for a small, dainty, tattoo!