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diagram of the earth's layers
Layers of Earth's Atmosphere
Layers of Earths Atmosphere Oooh. I like this graphic too. Maybe I'll use it in 3 years when we do the atmosphere again.
the solar system coloring page with planets and sun for kids to print out on their own
solar system craft
Printable planets and sun for the Solar System Mobile craft. Browse this board for ideas on different ways you can do this craft.
a red and blue shield with a white cross on it
File:Coat of arms of Slovakia.svg - Wikipedia
the solar system worksheet for kids to learn how to draw planets and their names
Pluto - Fascinating Facts to Share with the Kids!! - Homeschool Den
Pluto – Fascinating Facts to Share with the Kids!! | Homeschool Den | Mobile Version
the water cycle is depicted on a piece of paper
#WaterCycle #Chart #3D #PomPom #CottonBalls #PaperFrills #PipeCleaner #FeltCraft #Model
the evolution of an animal's body and how it is made out of pictures
This diagram shows how small sea organisms have evolved into sea creatures we are familiar with today. The arrows help to direct us in the path of gradual evolution, and the complexity of this diagram may also suggest the complexity of natural selection and evolution itself. This diagram also shows how one organism may have evolved into a few different animals, possibly due to their different surroundings and living circumstances.
the solar system is made out of paper
Planet Flip Book
Planet Flip Book FREEBIE! An interactive way to introduce the planets and their order from the sun.
the layers of an earth's crust are labeled in different languages, including words and pictures
Geological Time, by Dylan Gibson: Theres a a way to remember all those names: Camels Often Sit Down Carefully Perhaps Their Joints Creak (Perhaps Effective Oiling Might Prolong Perfect Health)