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Oh my goodness xD

LUKE IS JESUS<<<<<< i thought there was something special about luke :) Eshleman Eshleman Eshleman Eshleman Hemmings««« Ashton also looks like he's walking on water

They really take quiditch seriously

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of small but hilarious scene in the book. Wood was an intense die hard who had no sense of humor when it came to Quidditch. -- I think that a spin-off fanfic all about Oliver Wood.

Hahaha aww <3 Are We Punk Rock Yet? <3 Ashton & Ponies & Giggles = NAH! <3 <3 5 Seconds Of Summer 5SOS

"I do what I want, I'm punk rock". If he wants to play with a unicorn, he can do it bc he's punk rock.

He just likes cheesesteaks

He just likes cheesesteaks this is literally my favorite calum moment<<<<I actually just watched this video today and I had seen the photo before and I was like Oh my gosh its the cheese steaks!