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an anime story page with two people in the background and one person on the ground
とらみ on Twitter
an image of two people in the same room, one is hugging and the other is kissing
a drawing of a person holding their hand up
two people standing next to each other in front of a white background with the words ohayo
two people sitting on a bed hugging each other
❄~Calido Amor~[Todoroki x tú]🔥 - Cap28~ Visita al hospital
an animation scene with two people in bed
Class A
four different pictures of a woman sitting on a couch
the storyboard shows two people in bed, one is kissing and the other is looking at
an anime comic strip with two people talking to each other and the caption says,'we were wondering how babies made? '
[히로아카 번역/토도모모/쇼토모모] 아기는 어떻게 만드는 거야?
[히로아카 번역/토도모모/쇼토모모] 아기는 어떻게 만드는 거야? : 네이버 블로그
four different sections of wood with multiple colors and patterns on the top, bottom, and bottom
:O I wish I could understand... Can anyone translate? also the Johto one though XD #Pokemon #Kawaii #Ships