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Sand Bowls: Sand mixed with glue and dripped over a bowl until it hardens.

Alberto Burri, Grande cretto nero, 1977

Navy Swirls Painting Print

The eye is the organ of perception, and perception involves more than physical sight.


Expand Your Knowledge With Watercolor Painting Ideas

Ballerina 22 by Mahnoor Shah

Ballerina 22 Painting by Mahnoor Shah

Jessica Rimondi I like how the paint validates the emotions and expressions within this portrait, by the limited palette it structures the shapes and forms. Then to have a deeper depth of what is trying to be convey and incorporated by the use of the paint with the techniques being able to enforce the concepts. I would like to experiment with my own developments to have a source of vivid expression, to allow the painting to speak for itself and not have any narrative connotation towards it…

25+ Amazing Digital Paintings

Elina - Monochromatic digital painting. A woman is painted in black and white colors, looking far away with disheveled hair and humble clothing.