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a blue and white polka dot bag hanging from a hook on a table with the tag attached to it
Aukro - největší obchodní portál
three different types of tools sitting on top of a table
Ľudia, pamätáte sa? - Strana 114
an assortment of products are displayed on a table
Československá kozmetika
a group of wooden nesting dolls sitting on top of a table next to each other
Neexistujúci používateľ - Pokec.sk
a doll in a box next to a paper bag
a white table lamp sitting on top of a gray surface
bílá bakelitová lampička - novoretro
a white table lamp sitting on top of a black surface
a plastic object with writing on it sitting on top of a wooden table
a pair of black boots sitting on top of a counter
Советская мода 1960-х, 1970-х и 1980-х годов в фотографиях ЛенТАСС (+ док. фильм)
a woman's purse with an image of herself on it
a close up of a bottle of soda on a table with a white surface in the background
Soviet Pepsi-Cola, 1972 [729x1024]
a red box with some different items in it
2005s Childhood Memories
there are two boxes that have different types of toys in them, one is green and the other is red