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The Mortal Instruments Illustrated Song by taratjah on DeviantArt + Ilse DeLange - The Great Escape

Amazing picture story of The Mortal Instruments (Lyrics 'The Great Escape' by Ilse DeLange), full version. It's just missing Simon becoming a shadowhunter.

the mortal instruments shirts idris university - Google Search

Something I would like to add to my collection of oversized hoodies for sick and crappy days? I think yes I have a Malec sweatshirt what's another shadowhunters sweatshirt to me :)

Props, different designs for shadowhunters steles alec's is so plain and valentines looks like he is a cerielkiller Jaces looks like he's hot and so does Izzy's we all know their personality's now

Shadowhunter Rune Pillow Case based on The by PlaidPlatypusGifts

Shadowhunter Rune Pillow Case based on The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare / Fearless & Angelic Rune / Shadowhunters Cushion Cover