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Meredith. If Disney princesses went to your high school they would look like this.

This is Harper. She is She is a hipster and loves her own sense of style. She is very confident and care-free. She likes hanging out with her friends and watching movies. Please adopt her.

This is Sarah she is 16 years old and loves to skateboard sing and she loves animals

This is Carly-Jane, but she goes by CJ. She is from New Orleans. She is an acrobat in her local circus. She is quirky, but talented. She is funny, talkative, and friendly.

Mildred is 14. She loves Kung fu panda,short skirts and the little mermaid. Plz adopt. ADOPTED

Name: Nova Age: 15 Sign: Pisces Description: Nova is a happy teen who just wants to make it through highschool. She loves musical theater and has sun powers.