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a black clock with the chemical symbols on it's face and numbers written in different languages
This makes my inner nerd happy :)
a clock that is on top of a piece of wood
Uhren -
Die Tischuhr ist aus einem Stück Treibholz, das ich am Nordseestrand gerettet habe! Es wurde nur leicht geschliffen, um behält sein natürliches Aussehen, das weisse Lochband umgrenzt so das...
a wooden triangle clock sitting on top of a shelf next to a potted plant
Father's Day DIY - Minimal Geometric Clock
If you're unsure what to get that special guy in your life, try a Father's Day DIY geometric clock that will look great at home or his office.
a wooden clock with black straps hanging from it's side on a white wall
affordable home tip no 1 | The Lovely Drawer
Hi chaps! I've got three exciting DIY projects to wheel out for you this week in association with Keep Moat as part of their 'Affordable Home Tips' project. Today I'm starting with this stylish min...
an image of a clock with the words'infinity mirror clock'written below it
Infinity Mirror Clock Making
Infinity mirrors are amazing!
the diy guy gift vintage domino wall clock is easy to make and looks amazing
Domino Clock as Playroom Wall Decor
Want an easy DIY gift for a man? Create a fun wall clock with repurposed vintage wooden dominoes and a thrift store cutting board- perfect for his game room, office, or man cave! A DIY Domino Clock is easier than you think, and he'll be sure to love it. #SadieSeasongoods /
a wooden clock with white cubes on it's face and numbers in the middle
doubles dice Designer: Hamed Kohan
a clock made out of wooden planks with different colored dots
Artist's Palette Wall Clock Made From Pallets | Etsy
Artist's palette wall clock made from pallets by Jimmyshandmade, $40.00
a wooden clock with blue dots on it's face and numbers in the middle
#wooden #clock
a wooden clock with white and red numbers on the face, in front of a brown background
a black and white clock on the wall
Iltempostringe Wall Clock Black
a clock that is on the side of a wall with numbers and words painted on it
Serendipity And Spice - Serendipity And Spice
THIS CLOCK IS SO ME!! <<3 Serendipity and Spice: DIY Whatever I'm Late Anyways Clock
a black and white clock mounted to the side of a wall with numbers on it
'iltempostringe' vertical wall clock by Progetti is great for narrow spaces